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"I believe there is no treatment or drug that can match the body's own astonishing capability to heal itself,"
-Susan Shifman

I invite you to learn about the highly successful, scientifically researched practice of Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises™. Developed by Dr. David Berceli, TRE® is a powerful self-help process that significantly reduces stress, tension, trauma, pain and anxiety. Specifically designed to elicit the natural healing processes genetically encoded in the human body, TRE® also integrates well with other therapies and treatment modalities.

Through workshops, the TRE® Global Certification Program and/or individual sessions (including on Skype or Zoom) my passion is to empower you with the skills, knowledge and experience to gain the benefits of TRE®

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provided to First Responders and US Veterans
You probably know that ridding ourselves of stressful, negative emotions is vital for our mental and emotional health. However, while counseling, talk therapy, and nourishing discussions with friends can help ease our minds, they fail to address the accumulation of stress, tension and traumas held in the body.

This incomplete "processing" of emotions frequently results in such actual, physical symptoms as:

* Tightness in the jaw, neck and shoulder muscles
* Pain in the middle and/or lower back
* General tightness, lack of flexibility
* Hip pain
* Restless legs when trying to sleep

Trapped, pent -up emotions in the body also feed a vicious cycle of feelings like:

* Increasing frustration
* Anger
* Increasing anxiety
* Constant worry
* Being depressed and alone

TRE® Certified Provider and Certification Trainer

Certified Reiki Master

Has been certified by AFAA as a Personal Fitness Trainer

Has been member of Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher
  1. "Susan is an experienced and highly effective TRE™ workshop trainer and teacher. She brings to her body and energy work practice the wisdom of her own life's experiences, her well-developed intuitiveness, and her passion for helping others heal themselves."
    Dr. David Berceli (founder of TRE®)
  2. "After living with Restless Leg Syndrome for a number of years I have found that TRE® has significantly reduced the frequency that I experience it. Sleep comes much more easily for me now".
    Richard A.
  3. “TRE is one of the most profound modalities I have experienced. After tremoring through and releasing a specific trauma long held in my body, I feel as if 10 tons have been lifted off me.”
    Lois V.