Below is information about TRE® Workshops and Certification Trainings. Typically a Workshop is 3 - 4 hours in length. I also host a series of TRE® practice sessions to help with self-regulation. 

The TRE® Global Certification Program prepares you to teach both individuals and groups. This Certification Program may take from 8 - 10 months. If you are interested I encourage you to go to and click on the Certification tab to learn more about the specifics of the Training Program. Of course, I am always available to answer your questions, or to enroll you in one of my Training Programs. 
Both Workshops and Certification Trainings are listed here by date.

TRE Global Certification Program - Module 1
Friday 10/20/17 - Sunday 10/22/17
Gilbert, AZ
(open to all) 

TRE Provisional Certification Training Program
Friday 1/26/18 - Sunday 1/28/18

Portland, Oregon
School Educators, Administrators, Counselors & Therapists only